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Cedar Roofing Shingles in Vancouver

When you use Western Red Cedar for your roofing project, you'll be taking part in a time-honoured tradition that reaches back to the first settlers of Vancouver. These shingles are also known as “wood shakes,” and they are made of split cedar logs which add a rustic charm to any building or home once they've been installed. Many of our customers love the distinct scent and woodsy feel that cedar roofing in North Vancouver provides. Another beneficial aspect of cedar roofing in New Westminster is that the unique composition of the wood allows for great home insulation as well as the ability to breathe. In other words, if you're looking for a product that will allow for long-lasting weather protection as well as an aesthetic boost to your home's overall value, you should consider cedar roofing in West Vancouver.


Roofs made of cedar shingles require more life-extending maintenance. Without the proper care, problems such as moss growth and rotting may occur. In fact, as a result of the Vancouver climate, permanent damage can occur over time without regular maintenance. The durability of a cedar roof in Richmond depends heavily on the quality of installation and completion of regular maintenance.


Chisholm Roofing is proud to boast over 50 years of experience in the Vancouver cedar roofing business. That means we have the expertise and materials needed to keep your roof beautiful and functional for years to come. We only send highly qualified professionals to perform your repair, maintenance, or installation services. We perform our cedar roofing services in Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. For more information regarding our services or the advantages to cedar roofing in Vancouver, please contact us today!

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