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Roofing Burnaby

Protect Your Home with West Vancouver Roofing from Chisholm Roofing

When it comes to keeping your home in good repair, it’s easy to forget what’s just over your head: your roof. A roof is more than just shelter from the weather; it’s also a protection for the rest of your home. If your roof is showing its age, your home may be less protected than in the past.


At Chisholm Roofing Ltd., we only install quality roofing. West Vancouver homeowners count on us for our superior materials, installation and repair. What’s more, we’ve been covering homes for over 50 years! All that experience is a big reason why customers count on us for an impeccable-looking roof that lasts.


Choose Quality Products for Outstanding Results

If you want a roof to last many years, no matter the climate and weather conditions, then quality materials and installation matters. Chisholm Roofing has the right materials for any style or slope.


Our West Vancouver Roofing Services Include:



No matter if you’re replacing a few shingles or needing an entirely new roof, Chisholm’s roofing contractors take care of you. We are proud of our work, and it shows.


Experience the Benefits that Chisholm Roofing Provides

Whether you need minor repairs or a new installation, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy from calling us first:


  • Safety and peace of mind. Don’t wait for your asphalt shingles to lose their surface granules or for a wind storm to blow several old shingles off your roof. Stay protected with repairs or reliable new roofing now.

  • Lower utility bills. Quality roofing means energy efficiency. Our roofing products will keep your energy costs lower.

  • Attractive esthetic and increased property value. Don’t let your home look dated, run-down, or shabby. Increase both your home’s curb appeal and property value by keeping your roof well-tended.


Choose Chisholm for West Vancouver roofing at any budget! Call us today at 604-325-8099 for your free quote.

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