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Torch-On Membranes

Durable Torch-On Membranes Vancouver

At Chisholm Roofing, we provide North Vancouver torch-on roofing services. Torch-on roofing in New Westminster is a state-of-the-art technique of using torch-on membranes instead of tar and gravel to seal off roofs for flat or low sloping buildings.

Torch-on membranes in Richmond are multi-layered and normally made with fiberglass, polyester and bitumen. The top layer serves as the protection from snow, wind and other weather elements. Each of the layers are bonded and then sealed to your roof utilizing heat created by a torch.

West Vancouver Torch-on membrane systems are very durable and can easily be maintained, which makes them a favourite choice for many commercial properties and residential homes.

Our team at Chisholm Roofing specializes in torch-on roofing in Burnaby, Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. It is our bread and butter, so we have great experience and training when it comes to this method. Also, since we do use heat torches during installation, we have well enforced safety procedures. If you are searching for a convenient solution to roofing your flat or low sloping roof, contact us at Chisholm Roofing to learn more about the benefits of torch-on roofing in Vancouver.

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